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8 Weeks into Greek and….

I have officially been learning the ancient Greek language for just over 8 weeks now, and I just want to begin this post by saying I absolutely have been having a blast, and have already seen my theology mature because of a better understanding of the original language. Now do not worry, I am not going to take this entire post and teach you Greek (or try to) that is not what I am going to do. I am going to share with you some of the interesting things I have noticed as a result of learning (BASIC) Greek.

1. Learning Languages SUCKS

I don’y care if you are the most motivated person in the world, learning greek is not a walk in the park. That is the difficult thing for me, when it comes to school and classes I am usually able to pick it up and grab an easy A, it is just something that I have always been able to do. However when it comes to Greek that is NOT the case. Greek requires discipline, not just motivation, it is something that takesĀ  a good portion of your day, everyday… yes everyday. Greek is EASILY forgotten and to ensure that it sticks it is something that has to be present everyday. Or you WILL forget it.

2. My Understanding of Scripture has Matured

I could spend a TON of time giving examples but I think this should just come without saying. When you understand the original language that a piece of literature was constructed in you instantly become more familiar. The unfortunate truth is that english is actually a bad language and we lose so much of scripture, just because of the language barrier.


People that speak more than one language know this, but English seriously is a horribly constructed language. Thats all there is to it, and learning Greek has exposed the truth.

4. My appreciation has grown

I have struggled to grasp many of the greek rules when it comes to the language, however seeing how difficult it is has given me such a deep appreciation for the faithful people who labored in not only the translations but also the transcriptions. I think we need to have a healthy appreciation for the people that God has used in history to bless people who have the Bible in their language.

5. Im Learning

Even though this journey proves difficult, I have to say, I have an amazing professor who deeply cares about the language and teaching people to faithfully handle the language. I have gotten all A’s on my weekly quizzes and even a 95% on my midterm. Not saying that to brag, but just to show that it is possible to learn these concepts, and I encourage you to do so.


In Christ


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