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The Semester is Over…

I transferred to SEBTS, almost a year ago, and it was by far one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. If you do not know my story, let me recap quickly.

I attended Trinity College of Florida for roughly three semesters, studying in their Advanced Theology program. Now, this program is a very well constructed program and thoroughly enjoyed my time learning under Dr. Parsons. However as time would tell, it was NOT where I needed to be, I had no passion for the city, I wasn’t growing through my studies, and I was struggling to find excellent opportunities that would cater to my gifts. That is when I felt the call on my life to step out of TCF, and into SEBTS, a school that has transformed my view of Theology and the Great Commission.

SEBTS has such a passion for seeing people coming to know Christ, and it has infected my heart in the most positive way possible. I thought I was moving to NC to go to school, but what I quickly realized was that I was not called to SEBTS, I was drawn to Raleigh-Durham.

I have gotten plugged in with The Summit Church, a church that is committed to seeing people in what we call “The Triangle” come to know Christ. I quickly applied for their internship so that I could join the vision that God had laid on their heart.

I cannot sum into words what this past year has been to me, or how it has changed me, there is just too much to talk about. I hope in the coming weeks, to summarize many of the fantastic stories for you. I want to be as transparent as possible. I plan on sharing the tough times and the awesome ones. I have six weeks off from class, and I plan to utilize it to serve you and BGN better.

I cannot thank you enough what your prayers and support have meant to me this far into my journey, and I continue to appreciate them into the future.

In Christ,

Victor G.

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