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This Year Rocked | Jan 6th

This year ROCKED! This has been one of the most fruitful and sanctifying years of my life. Like I said a few days ago I am going to be writing a little bit more about my life, so I am sorry. Also, I learned how to make the first letter of paragraphs big, so get ready to be annoyed by that in future posts!!!

Recently on Facebook, I did a short recap of my year, I was in the car driving back from a major job interview when I just began thinking about my year and everything that has happened. Sometimes I am so quick to forget or disregard some MAJOR things that God has done in my life, and I want that to change. I want to encourage you to follow suit when we sit in awe of what God has done he is glorified, and we are humbled. So these next few posts are just going to be a more introspective look at each event, so that you can be encouraged through how God has been working through me, and so that I can be humbled by the amazing things that God has done. 

It feels like a decade ago I was able to preach at FFC (my home church), this opportunity was something that I never really imagined would happen. One night a texted our senior pastor and was just interested to see if there would be an opportunity to practice the gift that God had given me. I never imagined that it would be in front of the entire congregation. He responded with “Let me see,” and a few weeks later we were looking for possible preaching dates. Now I am not one to get nervous, like about anything, I am a relatively relaxed and chill person, but the moment we set a date, I felt sick, I was nervous, and I didn’t know why. 

I had the sermon written and ready to go probably 2 months before I had to preach it, and I got to preach it in front of my (then) school, which was really good practice. I got to meet with mentors and pastors and they helped me refine what I already had (thank goodness they did) and about 3 weeks before I was scheduled to preach on January 6th, I had my final transcript ready to go. 

I had begun practicing it daily, going to the church getting on stage, practicing in front of an empty room, I went outside in 30-degree weather (in shorts) and practiced it, I wanted to be ready! Now, remember how Iw as nervous three months before I was scheduled to preach, well imagine what I was feeling the day I was going to teach. I was a nervous wreck; now this was not sinful stress, this nervousness was proof that I cared, evidence that I wanted to do a good job. 

I arrived Saturday night because at the church there are 4 services, 1 Saturday and 3 on Sunday, and I was preaching at all of them.I walked in on Saturday and I saw all of my best friends sitting in the front row, which was really encouraging, and my parents came to every service, which was also very encouraging. The most nerve-racking part, was the moment the worship team began to pray, my stomach dropped, as I began to walk onto the stage i almost tripped, and once I put my iPad on the podium, an instant peace came over me. Before I had said a word I knew that this was what I wanted and was called to do for the rest of my life. 

It was the most exhausting weekend of my life, and Sunday afternoon I slept for 10 hours. It gave me a whole new appreciation for my pastors, who faithfully do that and more each week. If you are interested in watching the sermon I will attach it below. 

In Christ, 

Victor G. 

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