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This Year ROCKED | The Transfer

About a year ago I left my schooling in Florida to pursue a calling and passion for Raleigh-Durham. Now I want to make something very clear before I continue with this post. In no way am I “hating” Trinity College of Florida, this is not a post that is supposed to discourage anyone from considering an education from that institution. I am simply telling the story of why I believe God had me leave that school and pursue an education at SEBTS. 

To tell the entire story would take much to long to tell, so I am going to discuss more of what God was doing in my heart, rather than the story of what had happened. 

About 18 months ago I was going through a lot in my life; I was alone in an unfamiliar environment, I was going through a lot emotionally and spiritually. God was orchestrating events in my life that would eventually lead me away from TCF. It was the beginning of last fall semester when I began to feel the tug on my heart to consider transferring schools, and so I just started to pray and ask the Lord that if this were something he would allow to show me. Through the process of talking with pastors, mentors, and friends I decided that it would be a wise move for me to transfer. As many of you know I am called to preach and teach, and to be honest, I did not feel like I was reaching my full potential at TCF. I was flying through the theology classes and being taught theology that, well… frankly, I just didn’t agree with at TCF. (clarification this was not heresy that they were teaching, it was just theological systems I did not agree with) Since I was called to teach, I needed to be wise in seeking the best education to equip me for that calling, and that is why God placed SEBTS on my heart. 

I knew that SEBTS was the school that I wanted to pursue further education at in the future, in fact I had already made up my mind, and so when I heard that they had a college and that I could duel enroll into the seminary, the school became so much more attractive. 

So what was God doing in my heart?

  1. God was leading me away from Trinity where I was producing no fruit, and transitioned me to SEBTS where I would not only prosper in my studies, but prosper in my ministry to others. 
  2. God had prepped a mission field in Wake Forest long before I got there. 

Here is the thing, I probably could have finished my time at TCF and came to NC and been walking in obedience, and the same thing applies for leaving TCF and coming to SEBTS. As long as I am pursuing God, I am being obedient. 

TCF was a great time of testing and growth, a preparation ground, a short season of trials, leading to what was to come. SEBTS. 

In Christ,

Victor G. 

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