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This Year ROCKED | David Platt

Being at SEBTS provides me with not only the highest level of education there is, but it also opens doors to opportunities that would never present themselves elsewhere. This year I had the incredible blessing to sit down with a pastor and leader that I have admired my entire life, David Platt. I am a part of the Hunt Scholars program at SEBTS, which is a program track that is fast paced and geared to get pastors on the field as equipped as possible. They are always seeking to give us opportunities to sit down with influential people in the area, and it just so happened that David Platt found 

I was nervous, I was nervous to sit down with one of the men who caused me tow ant to be a pastor, but I knew it was going to be a fantastic experience, and it was. I do not talk about this to brag about the fact I met David Platt, and had a meal with him, I share it because it was a real part of my year that God used to influence me towards further ministry. He sat down and just began pouring out wisdom, and knowledge. He told stories about the IMB, and about his travels, testimonies of other people receiving Christ, and experiencing His love for the first time.  

He discussed how it was God’s grace and his grace alone that caused him to be born in the position he was, and not in a 3rd world country with no Bible available. How we are ignorant if we take that for granted, and how it is our responsibility to seek and pursue these nations that have little or no access to the Word of God.  It opened my eyes to the grace that God has for me, and the calling we have to pursue the nations.  

Like I said, this was a highlight moment in my year, and I hope that you will consider looking into David and his church in D.C. as you further your scriptural studies. 

In Christ, 


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