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“Nothing Else Matters”

I have been thinking through this quote, a quote that is used in many songs, a quote that is put on T-Shirts, and an idea that has been in the Church for what seems like forever. I have grown up hearing, that, Nothing else matters but Jesus.

Now before I even begin my “short” pushback against this often misunderstood quote I want to ensure you that in no way shape or form am I denouncing the importance of Christ in a believers life. In no am I promoting a low Christology, and in no way denouncing Sola Christis, “In Christ Alone.” I have a very high view of Christ, as every believer should, and I live every day motivated by his life, death, and resurrection.

From The Surface…

Often times short quotes like these are glorified and taken out of their original intent, and it results in the masses misinterpreting and mis-teaching the idea. So yes, I like this quote, do not get me wrong. The idea that in comparison nothing reaches the magnificence of Jesus, nothing “matters” but someone’s belief or lack there of. This quote is correct in that the most important thing that a person will ever be confronted with is the question, “Do you believe in the Gospel.” (assuming that they are blessed enough to even be asked that question.)

This quote is correct and is well intended.


Like many things, it is taken out of context. I see (on the daily) people living out this lazy, non-motivated, hypocritical life because “Nothing matters but Jesus, I have no other job than to receive him.” Once people pray the prayer they pretend like they are done, and that nothing else in life has any sort of importance.

As if saying that “Nothing matters but Jesus,” so that results in the disregard of many wise duties that people are called into as Christians. People will disregard their family duties, because, “well nothing matters but Jesus.” or people will neglect to serve others, or serve in the church, because, “well nothing matters but Jesus.” or people will mess around at work, and act inappropriately, because “well nothing matters but Jesus.”

I fell into this during my high school years and even used this line of logic to test God un-intentionally. I was asked the question, “If you drive on the wrong side of the road and crash and die, was it meant to be?” and my lazy, uninformed Christian answer was… “Yes, if it is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

The Bible is clear, other things do in fact matter, such as the Great Commission, loving others (the greatest commandment), and countless other commands found in both the NT and OT.

In Conclusion...

This concept of “Nothing else matters” has good intentions behind it, but fails theologically, fails logically, and only works when the idea is being used poetically.

-In Christ

Victor G.

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